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A unique Atlanta based supper club focused on providing diners with a memorable culinary experience. Chef Hopeton started his Supper Club in January 2012 with exploring Italian cuisine, followed by cuisines of Spain, and Caribbean region. It is said to be one of the better supper clubs in Atlanta, Chef Hopeton and his Culinary Arts and Excellence team continue to push these comfortable, casual, delicious flavor excursions building a family of food lovers.

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From the creators of Flavor Excursions and Culinary Conversations & Connections, a new supper club landed in Atlanta. A supper club that merges the passions of the creators – delicious culinary creations and outstanding live music – is sure to satisfy many pleasures.

Read what ATL Food Snob had to say about Spanish night.

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Flavor Excursions #24 awakens your senses with a deliciously creative 6-course vegan dinner. Join Chef Hopeton and guest Holistic Chef Zu of Kings Apron as they bring out the best of the produce section. Each course will highlight a specific fruit and or vegetable brought to life on the plate. Paired with mocktails and other tasty beverages this dinner will be an exciting evening of tastes and local produce.

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Past Dinners

Flavor Excursions #23 Lobster and Bellinies rooftop addition.




Cracking lobsters and popping bottles!

YES this is what Oksana and I did for our Flavor Excursions family during our last dinner of the summer. We served up 5 courses of deliciousness atop a midtown Atlanta rooftop while watching the sun go down.


Shell/...Read More »

Flavor Excursions #22 Greece

Here are a few highlights from Flavor Excursions #22 Greece.
Thanks to Karen Wink for the photo credit.

...Read More »

Flavor Excursions #9 Summer in Spain

Sea urchin whip on crouton.
Baby Romain hearts with Olive vinaigrette.
Olive oil poached Tuna with Piquio pepper.
Pimentone & honey roasted lamb ribs.

Seafood Salads:
Chilled Octopus and chorizo
Spiced squid, fennel, fava bean, orange and candied cumquate.

Rabbit braised in Almond sauce.
Quail & mushroom paella.

...Read More »

Flavor Excursions 19

Chef Hopeton St.Clair Hibberts

Flavor Excursions
Masterfully anti mediocre!

We’re baaaaack!

After a little hiatus Oksana and I are ready to take on the new year with more FLAVOR EXCURSIONS!
Our next dinner approaching Saturday March 26th will be ‘UNITED COLORS OF HOPETON’ A seven course collage of vibrant plates...Read More »

Serenade Supper Club #7

We were pleased to have Kameron Corvet as our featured artist for the evening. Kameron’s sound and guitar playing left many wanting to hear more from him.

August 1st Menu

1st course:
– Heirloom tomato & mozzarella caprese salad with basil oil and white balsamic reduction

2nd course:
– Red pepper braised chicken...Read More »

Serenade Supper Club! Trailer...

Serenade Supper Club, a great experience from whatever angle your enjoying it from. Check it out!

...Read More »

Serenade Supper Club #3

Come join us at Serenade Supper Club on May 10th.


This month’s featured artist is Rachel Rachal. We all were blown away by last month’s artist and you can expect the same in May. Rachel is going to continue on the...Read More »

Serenade Supper Club #2

Come join us at Serenade Supper Club #7 Saturday August 1st 2015.

Serenade Supper Club sign up!

For SSC #2 we featured artist Alexandra Jackson. She is a singer, songwriter, musician, and arranger. Her style is a great blend of jazz, soul, and funk. We chose Alexandra...Read More »

Serenade Supper Club!

Where music and food complement.

From the creators of Flavor Excursions and Culinary Conversations & Connections, a new supper club is born. A supper club that merges the passions of the creators – delicious culinary creations and outstanding live music – is sure to satisfy many pleasures.

Our menu for...Read More »

Flavor Excursions #18

It’s a new year and Flavor Excursions #18 was a SMASH! This month we returned to motherland of culinary finesse….France! Four courses with wine pairing and guest Chef Shane Devereux . Dinner was served at the home of friends Stephen and Nancy Mathews of MATHEWS Furniture Read More »

Flavor Excursions #17 Seafood; Unusual suspects

Amuse Bouche
Smoked Moon Fish Brussel Sprout
with pork belly and tomato water

Course 1
Crab and Duck
crab gumbo with sticky rice and roasted duck

Course 2
Tuna and Chicken
fried chicken marinated tuna
with mung bean kimchi

Course 3
Seafood Sausage and Chorizo
seafood sausage and chorizo...Read More »

Flavor Excursions #16

This Second installment of Steak & Whiskey was prepared with Painted Hills Beef,
with guest Chef Shane Devereux on course 2.

Course 1 ITALY
Layered Beef carpaccio [diced onion.lemon aioli,arugula, tiny croutons ]

Course 2 VIETNAM

Course 3 England
Beef Wellington

Course 4 US
Roasted strip loin shaved paper thin served...Read More »

Flavor Excursions #15

This months menu:
#15 FE
Float into Fall

Sweet Beet/horseradish granita with spicy grilled shrimp and blue cheese.

Duck n Foie gras terrine with our pickles n mustard.

*Turkey &Duck sausage PBR poached with Pear and White salad ( pear, cucumber, frisse, celery root),creamy pistachio dressing.

Smoked BBQ Ox tail w marinated...Read More »

Flavor Excursions #7 French night

With skills learned at Atmosphere Bistro this dinner was a great success.

Snack: mussels (moules) with lemon/ fennel cream.

Course 1
Cauliflower soup with sweet tomato gelee.

Course 2
Crawfish n shrimp Thermidor, truffled mushrooms

Course 3
Foie trio
Foie Gras/ strawberry
Torchone w/ mango
Chicken liver mousse/blueberry
Read More »

Flavor Excursions #5 Steak & Whisky

This dinner was great! Five courses of beef prepared five different ways via five different cuisines (French, Japanese, Argentina, American, Moroccan)

...Read More »

Flavor Excursions #3 Fried Chicken and Saki.

This was one of my favorite menus!

...Read More »

Flavor Excursions #6 Asian night

This 11 course Asian dinner was a smash!

Amuse bouce – Cherry with pickled ginger and mint.
1. Snapper, Snowcrab and Salmon roe roll.
2. Chilled scallop shashimi w green onion, daikon radish, hoisin dressing.
3. Panang curry Chicken  dumplings.
4. Foil roasted Mataki mushroom.
5. Cilantro, radish...Read More »

Flavor Excursions #14 'Italian Night II'

Approaching in March, Flavor Excursions revisits Italy!

Hears a look at whats to come…..

Olive oil poached Tuna and quail egg bruschetta

Polenta w cheese and anchovies

Grilled squid over shaved fennel, lemon and arugula.

Grilled Trevisso w grapes, pine nuts, cheese, crispy prosciutto and balsamic,

Spinach...Read More »

Flavor Excursions #12 Valentines Seafood dinner.

What an evening, filled with great food, libations and fun people.

Take a look at the menu:

Course 1
Mussel Bisque

Course 2
House cured Sturgeon with caviar and black pepper/dill sour cream .

Course 3
House smoked Trout and arugula bruschetta.

Course 4
Poached Salmon balls with creamy spinach.

Course 5
Curried Swordfish with...Read More »

Flavor Excursions #1Italian Dinner

Italian Dinner was a blast! Thanks everyone for coming.

-Fried olives stuffed with sausage
-Polenta cubes with shrimp and tomato

-Red wine braised Goat
-Salt cod gratin with fennel and onions
-Roasted pumpkin with golden raisin and chipolini onion.
-Spinach with gigante beans, grated ramono cheese and lemon breadcrumbs.

-Blueberry and marscepone...Read More »

Flavor Excursions #2 Spanish Dinner

Spanish dinner was fantastic! Thanks everyone who joined in that night.

Night’s Menu

Meats & Cheeses

  • Lomo, Cured Tuna Loin, Sopresada, Chorizo
  • Mahon, Monte Enebro, Pata Cabre, Cana de Oveja

La Primera Ronda


  • Coca with Artichoke, Spinash and Tomato
  • Head on Shrimp with Sherry, EVO, garlic and chili peppers
  • Grilled octopus with smoked paprika
  • Duck and Peach Fritters
  • Roasted Pork Sausage with...Read More »

Flavor Excursions #11 BBQ, Bourbon and Beer

January 17th 2013

This month we will be showing our grill skills with some delicious BBQ specialties. Jerk Ribs, citrus grilled chicken , and BBQ turkey wings along with some delicious side dishes will be featured.


Jerk pork ribs

Mango BBQ turkey wings

Citrus BBQ chicken.

Fingerling Potato/arugula, dijon...Read More »