Culinary Arts & Excellence is ready to provide you with a high level of service when it comes to the world of food. Private dinner parties, cooking classes, and wine tastings are Chef Hopetons specialty.
Private dinners & event catering:
If you're looking for a memorable experience with a strong food element involved, Chef Hopeton can spice up your special event. His concepts are vast as his monthly dinner parties keep him sharp. Allow Culinary Arts & Excellence to design a custom menu for your event to ensure people will be talking about your dinner party till the next one.
Cooking classes:
If you're looking to sharpen your skills in the kitchen or just have a fun hands-on cooking event for friends Chefs got you covered. As a past Chef at Viking Cooking School, Hopeton learned the ins and outs of cooking instruction in a class setting. Understanding the basics of cooking can make the difference between another bland dinner to a fun kitchen experience for the family or group of close friends. Interested? Let's create a custom class for you today.
$110 per person
Restaurant consulting:
If your a new restauranteur looking to have your establishment start off with a bang and set up for consistency in the culinary department, Chef Hopeton is your guy.
Hopeton has been opening Chef at Therapy Lounge and Cigar City Club.
Dinner Rates
(Prices based off 4 courses. Additional courses can be added for an upcharge)
Plated dinner
2-4ppl @
$150 per person
5-10 ppl@
$70-$100 per person
11-30 ppl@
*Subtract $4 per person if using your own plate and silverware.
*Additional $25 for service outside Atlanta perimeter.
Buffet catering
$20-$30 per person
(Minimum 10 people)
Price includes two protein choices and two sides.
Additional entrees add $3 per person and $1 per side.
(Price subject to change based on ingredient chosen.)