Culinary Arts & Excellence is ready to provide you with a high level of service when it comes to the world of food. Private dinner parties, cooking classes and wine tastings are Chef Hopetons specialty.


Private dinners & event catering:

If you’re looking for a memorable experience with a strong food element involved,Chef Hopeton can spice up your special event. His concepts are vast as his monthly supper clubs keep him sharp. Allow Culinary Arts & Excellence to design a custom menu for your event to ensure people will be talking about your dinner party till the next one.

Cooking classes:

Looking to sharpen your skills in the kitchen or just have a fun hands on cooking event for friends? Chefs got you covered. As a past instructor at Viking Cooking School, Hopeton learned the ins and outs of cooking instruction in a class setting. Understanding the basics of cooking can make the difference between another bland dinner to a fun kitchen experience for the family or group of close friends.