Flavor Excursions #17 Seafood; Unusual suspects

Amuse Bouche Smoked Moon Fish Brussel Sprout with pork belly and tomato water Course 1 Crab and Duck crab gumbo with sticky rice and roasted duck Course 2 Tuna and Chicken fried chicken marinated tuna with mung bean kimchi Course 3 Seafood Sausage and Chorizo seafood sausage and chorizo relish with white bean puree and […]

Hope Lodge

So recently I had a great opportunity to help volunteer at the Hope Lodge. The Winn Dixe Hope Lodge is a facility designed to make patients being treated for cancer at Emory Hospital feel more comfortable and home like. This is truly a peaceful environment out doing some fine hotels I’ve visited. This was a […]

A few of my favorites.

A few of my favorite whiskeys from Japan to Kentucky, featured at our ‘Steak and Whiskey night’.

Ummmmmmmm! Home made goodies.

Chipollini onions in syrup: Baby Mangoes in ginger syrup: Cornucopia:

Fried whole tilapia.

Whole fish is my favorite! Like most meats cooked on the bone, this technique tends to provide more flavor and secures moisture. The only drawback is all the bones you have to deal with. Using an oil with a high smoke point such as peanut oil allows you to get the oil hotter and sear […]

Fresh Ideas!

Explore the world of Culinaria. Take a stroll thru your favorite grocery store and come up with some FRESH IDEAS!

Stay sharp.

Dull knifes are more dangerous than SHARP ones!         To find out how dull they really are, go through your draw and remove all of your knives. Try to cut a citrus fruit with each knife. If your blades struggle┬á to cut the fruit, then your knives are DULL. I would suggest […]

Custom dinners with Chef Hopeton.

Special occasions call for delicious memories. Let Chef Hopeton create a custom menu for your next event leaving you and your guests with a unique experience.

Roasted King Salmon with Cremini & Potato Hash and Spinach Salad

Ingredients 2 King Salmon steaks 2 cooked Yukon potatoes, sliced 1 1/2 cups of cremini mushrooms, sliced 1/2 white onion, sliced 2-3 cloves of garlic, sliced thyme cayenne pepper salt black pepper, freshly ground lemon zest   Instructions Sear the steaks well on one side, flip. Cook 2 more minutes and turn off the heat […]

1st meal of 2013

  1st meal of 2013! Braised duck with spiced lentils and wild rice, topped with fresh apple, carrot and arugula salad. YUM………..