Flavor Excursions #6 Asian night

This 11 course Asian dinner was a smash!


Amuse bouce – Cherry with pickled ginger and mint.
1. Snapper, Snowcrab and Salmon roe roll.
2. Chilled scallop shashimi w green onion, daikon radish, hoisin dressing.
3. Panang curry Chicken  dumplings.
4. Foil roasted Mataki mushroom.
5. Cilantro, radish BBQ ribs.
6.  Asian greens w shitake and Chinese sausage.
7. Seared Rice cakes stuffed with salmon and oyster sauce.
8. Spicy Mung bean n salted shrimp salad w/ marinated tofu.
9. Noodles ( udon, enoki mushroom, seaweed , Shrimp balls).
10. Honey, sesame and ginger glazed Duck in lettuce wrap and soy broth.
11. Forbidden rice, coconut milk, dessert.


Stay sharp.

Dull knifes are more dangerous than SHARP ones!






To find out how dull they really are, go through your draw and remove all of your knives. Try to cut a citrus fruit with each knife. If your blades struggle  to cut the fruit, then your knives are DULL. I would suggest taking your knives to a sharpener or purchase new ones, unless you care to learn the skill of sharpening yourself. If so there are many different sharpening stones to purchase and online instructions to teach you. Its not difficult, it just takes practice.

From Japanese Santuko style knives to classic German style chef knives, different brands and steel types can make selection challenging Most high end culinary stores will let you try their knives to see which ones are most comfortable in your hands. After a test run, go online, do some research and  buy your knife.

New knife shopping can be fun, take your time and select a knife based on comfort not looks.

Keep sharp knifes in your kitchen and practice knife safety.

Custom dinners with Chef Hopeton.

Special occasions call for delicious memories.

Snow Crab

Let Chef Hopeton create a custom menu for your next event leaving you and your guests with a unique experience.

Flavor Excursions #14 ‘Italian Night II’

Approaching in March, Flavor Excursions revisits Italy!IMG_1049

Hears a look at whats to come…..

Olive oil poached Tuna and quail egg bruschetta

Polenta w cheese and anchovies

Grilled squid over shaved fennel, lemon and arugula.

Grilled Trevisso w grapes, pine nuts, cheese, crispy prosciutto and balsamic,

Spinach n ricotta stuffed pasta, with creamy salt cod

Blueberry  marscapone Cannoli

Flavor Excursions #12 Valentines Seafood dinner.

What an evening, filled with great food, libations and fun people.

Take a look at the menu:

Course 1
Mussel Bisque

Course 2
House cured Sturgeon with caviar and black pepper/dill sour cream .

Course 3
House smoked Trout and arugula bruschetta.

Course 4
Poached Salmon balls with creamy spinach.

Course 5
Curried Swordfish with veggie cous cous.

Course 6
Salt Cod & leek ravioli with piquio pepper and saffron coulis.

Course 7
Whit port poached pear with orange/chocolate vinegrette .







Stay tuned for dinner in March