Flavor Excursions #15

This months menu:
#15 FE
Float into Fall

Sweet Beet/horseradish granita with spicy grilled shrimp and blue cheese.

Duck n Foie gras terrine with our pickles n mustard.

*Turkey &Duck sausage PBR poached with Pear and White salad ( pear, cucumber, frisse, celery root),creamy pistachio dressing.

Smoked BBQ Ox tail w marinated Pumpkin slaw, ricotta salata


Soup is a delicious dish suitable for any occasion. Lunch, dinner, appetizer, entree or dessert, soup can play a memorable role if done right. I’ve made great soups in thirty minutes and some have taken over an hour.
Here are some French classic soup categories. Ingredients may vary depending on your specific idea or recipe.
Bouillon: Clear meat, fish or vegetable stock.
Consomme: Very concentrated meat stock made from ground beef boiled with root vegetables.
Potee: The name for cabbage soup in various regions.
Veloute: Smooth, very creamy soup made from a single vegetable or its stock and thickened with egg yolk and often flour.
Creme: Soup thickened with flour and/ore potatoes or died vegetables.
Bisque: Soup made with seafood, mainly shell fish.
Gratinee: Soup baked with cheese, generally an onion soup.
Potage: A thick creamy soup made with pureed vegetables.
Soupe: Soup with substantial ingredients generally not pureed, can be served as a full meal.

Mussel and fennel bisque.

Seafood Sausage


Flavor Excursions #7 French night

With skills learned at Atmosphere Bistro this dinner was a great success.

Snack: mussels (moules) with lemon/ fennel cream.

Course 1
Cauliflower soup with sweet tomato gelee.
soupwith gelee

Course 2
Crawfish n shrimp Thermidor, truffled mushrooms

Course 3
Foie trio
Foie Gras/ strawberry
Torchone w/ mango
Chicken liver mousse/blueberry
foie trio

Course 4
Roasted lamb with Arugula, radish, golden raisin, golden beet, pistachio and mint dressing
On potato gallate
rsst lamb

Course 5
Pot de Creme
pot de creme

Flavor Excursions #5 Steak & Whisky

This dinner was great! Five courses of beef prepared five different ways via five different cuisines (French, Japanese, Argentina, American, Moroccan)