Flavor Excursions #18

Photo by Karen E Wink, www.karenwink.comIt’s a new year and Flavor Excursions #18 was a SMASH! This month we returned to motherland of culinary finesse….France! Four courses with wine pairing and guest Chef Shane Devereux . Dinner was served at the home of friends Stephen and Nancy Mathews of MATHEWS Furniture Photo by Karen E Wink, www.karenwink.comPhoto by Karen E Wink, www.karenwink.comPhoto by Karen E Wink, www.karenwink.comPhoto by Karen E Wink, www.karenwink.comPhoto by Karen E Wink, www.karenwink.com

Chefs @ Pine Street Market!

Pine Street marketlogo
Pine Street Market produces a variety of handmade artisan meats such as salami, bacon, sausage, pancetta and coppa. We bring together the best of time tested recipes and cutting edge technology to offer the highest quality, USDA inspected products. It’s applying a fine dining philosophy to the foods we enjoy everyday.
Chef Hopeton is now Director of Operations and would love for you to stop by and say hello.

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Flavor Excursions #17 Seafood; Unusual suspects

Amuse Bouche
Smoked Moon Fish Brussel Sprout
with pork belly and tomato water

Course 1
Crab and Duck
crab gumbo with sticky rice and roasted duck


Course 2
Tuna and Chicken
fried chicken marinated tuna
with mung bean kimchi


Course 3
Seafood Sausage and Chorizo
seafood sausage and chorizo relish
with white bean puree and herbed croutons


Course 4
Swordfish and Foie Gras
roasted swordfish with seared foie gras
and beef demi-glace


Course 5
Scallop and Blueberries
riesling poached scallops
with mascarpone parsnip puree


Flavor Excursions #16


This Second installment of Steak & Whiskey was prepared with Painted Hills Beef,
with guest Chef Shane Devereux on course 2.

Course 1 ITALY
Layered Beef carpaccio [diced onion.lemon aioli,arugula, tiny croutons ]

Course 2 VIETNAM

Course 3 England
Beef Wellington

Course 4 US
Roasted strip loin shaved paper thin served in au jus paired w crouton topped with bone marrow.

Course 5 RUSSIA
Pelmeni with sour cream and shaved radish.

Hope Lodge

So recently I had a great opportunity to help volunteer at the Hope Lodge. The Winn Dixe Hope Lodge is a facility designed to make patients being treated for cancer at Emory Hospital feel more comfortable and home like. This is truly a peaceful environment out doing some fine hotels I’ve visited. This was a feel good day for me, I already love to make people smile with delicious food but this was another level. Some of these people where just getting their appetite back and my meal was the first real food they got to taste.Shouts out to all the volunteers from Booz Allen Hamilton and the great staff at Hope Lodge.