Flavor Excursions Series, Trailer #2

Trailer #2. Full episode is coming out soon.

Flavor Excursions. The series trailer.

For those who missed us or are just curious about what goes on at Flavor Excursions here’s a glimpse.

Serenade Supper Club!

Where music and food complement.

From the creators of Flavor Excursions and Culinary Conversations & Connections, a new supper club is born. A supper club that merges the passions of the creators – delicious culinary creations and outstanding live music – is sure to satisfy many pleasures.

Our menu for the night is:

  • Chicken terrine with orange Marmalade
  • Photo by Karen E Wink, www.karenwink.com

  • Shrimp, kale and shiitake mushroom scampi with sticky rice ball
  • Red wine braised duck over roasted acorn squash, golden raisins, pine nuts & arugula
  • Photo by Karen E Wink, www.karenwink.com

  • Brandied pineapple cookie with Chocolate Ganache
  • Photo by Karen E Wink, www.karenwink.com

This month’s featured musician is Tomi Martin. If his name doesn’t ring a bell, we are confident his guitar licks are very familiar to each and every one of you. Tomi is a musical giant who is regularly called to play on the albums and in the touring bands of some musicians you may have heard of: Michael Jackson, Madonna, Outkast, Eric Clapton, John Legend, Fishbone, Natalie Cole, Goodie Mob, TLC, Stevie Nicks, Donnell Jones, Mista, En Vogue, Jennifer Lopez, Toni Braxton, The Indigo Girls, Mick Jagger, Monica, Justin Beiber, and many others. He’s also the lead guitarist and founder of Three5Human. Tomi has played onmany Grammy nominated albums, 5 of which are Grammy winners. Trust us that you want to hear every note that comes out of his guitar because it’s magical.

Tomi Martin

Tomi Martin

Flavor Excursions #18

Photo by Karen E Wink, www.karenwink.comIt’s a new year and Flavor Excursions #18 was a SMASH! This month we returned to motherland of culinary finesse….France! Four courses with wine pairing and guest Chef Shane Devereux . Dinner was served at the home of friends Stephen and Nancy Mathews of MATHEWS Furniture Photo by Karen E Wink, www.karenwink.comPhoto by Karen E Wink, www.karenwink.comPhoto by Karen E Wink, www.karenwink.comPhoto by Karen E Wink, www.karenwink.comPhoto by Karen E Wink, www.karenwink.com

Chefs @ Pine Street Market!

Pine Street marketlogo
Pine Street Market produces a variety of handmade artisan meats such as salami, bacon, sausage, pancetta and coppa. We bring together the best of time tested recipes and cutting edge technology to offer the highest quality, USDA inspected products. It’s applying a fine dining philosophy to the foods we enjoy everyday.
Chef Hopeton is now Director of Operations and would love for you to stop by and say hello.

Learn more about Pine Street Market @