Riesling poached scallop over Parsnip puree and puff pastry with blueberry compote.

Scallop desert

Roasted GA Peach with pine nut brittle @ SSC.

rst Peach SSC

Fine Steaks & Small Plates @ Cigar City Club.

Few years ago I met Julius Bolton, who asked me to cook birthday dinner for his wife Olga. The dinner got such rave reviews that over next years I have been back in their house as their private chef cooking for different family occasions. One of these nights Julius shared with me his vision of a cigar lounge he was planning to open in Atlanta one day. Premier location, fine cigars, plush seating, live music, fine liquors and top of the line menu. “I would like you to be part of the team” – he said, to which my answer was “Without a doubt”. One year later Cigar City Club opens its doors as Atlanta’s best cigar lounge that also happens to have best steaks in town!
I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Olga and Julius for the opportunity and congratulate them on accomplishing their dream.

Chef Hopeton St Clair Hibbert Jr.

A finishing touch.

A finishing touch.

Cook Books.

Menu Design


This is an old book my mom and I found at Accapella Books in Atlanta. Basically a visual display of old menus from restaurants to airliners. Great coffee table book. Good luck finding it though.



Cook Books!

Wagamama Cookbook

Wagamama is a very cool and smart restaurant that was ahead of its time in 1999 when I visited it, I can only imagine where they are today. If you ever have the opportunity to dine there, do so! This cookbook touches on a few of their great Asian tastes with recipes easy to read and execute. Your gonna need to step up your asian ingredients in your pantry for this one.