Flavor Excursions 19

Chef Hopeton St.Clair Hibberts

Flavor Excursions
Masterfully anti mediocre!
We’re baaaaack!

After a little hiatus Oksana and I are ready to take on the new year with more FLAVOR EXCURSIONS!
Our next dinner approaching Saturday March 26th will be ‘UNITED COLORS OF HOPETON’ A seven course collage of vibrant plates showcasing style and color inspired by the fashion house BENETTON.
Every plates ingredients will represent its respected color, WHITE, YELLOW, ORANGE, RED, BLACK, GREEN and PURPLE.
This dinner will include a wine pairing to accompany the deliciousness.

Artist Anderson Smith will be joining us displaying his new project ‘THE HASHTAG SERIES’

Join us for a night of fun as we relaunch our dinner series. Come dressed in your most stylish attire and show off your unique fashion style!



CULINARIA The Caribbean


CULINARIA has been my favorite go to cook book for years. It’s so much more than a cookbook, more like an encyclopedia to the worlds culinary landscape. Everything from alcohol to deserts are covered regionally in each book be it France or Russia. I own many and The Caribbean is the latest to add to my collection.


Molecular Gastronomy

Let me start out by saying that molecular gastronomy isn’t a trend that I’m about to hop on like an amusement park ride. I’ve dabbled a bit here and there with agar-agar and toyed with foams back in 1999 but it has never been a often used tool in my repertoire. Is it cool? Yes. Does it produce yummy food? Sometimes. Is it for every Chef? I’d say NO, because some Chefs barely know how to season their food properly, so trying to turn some under seasoned ingredient into a futuristic space treat is getting ahead of yourself young Chef.
I will say that with the right culinary skills and knowledge this book will take take your presentation skills to another level and also provide your guests with a few new texture experiences.


Friends cooking for Chef!


On a recent trip to New Orleans Oksana and I were blessed to be served THE most delicious shrimp I’ve ever had in my life! Friends Gino and Dawn Kalkanoglu took us to a local outdoor seafood market and purchased 4lbs of awesome 13/15 [#indicates the amount per lb]shrimp (probably a hours out of the water) and a couple beautiful Red fish.
After a quick stop for a few more ingredients for our feast we were back at the house prepping. I was on Redfish detail and Gino was responsible for the BBQ Shrimp. I was extremely excited as I had never had BBQ Shrimp before. We agreed the shrimp would be the 1st course. As Gino chopped garlic and built his masterful sauce my mouth watered. Butter in pan, garlic, spices, sauce, then shrimp. The pan was overflowing with the shrimp as Gino proceeded to add a 1/2 lb of butter to his BBQ. Dawn threw two 4 ft long baguettes in the oven and we sat, beers in hand awaiting our feast… Once the shrimp hit the table it was silent, minus the sound of cracking shells and shrimp heads being sucked of their buttery BBQ juices. Need less to say all 4 lbs were crushed as were the baguettes. Only a couple of cups of sauce remained, placed in the frige for another day…
Gino you are the man! Thanks for sharing your delicious BBQ Shrimp recipe with me.
See you soon.



BBQ Shrimp

BBQ Shrimp

Serenade Supper Club #7

We were pleased to have Kameron Corvet as our featured artist for the evening. Kameron’s sound and guitar playing left many wanting to hear more from him.

August 1st Menu

1st course:
– Heirloom tomato & mozzarella caprese salad with basil oil and white balsamic reduction

2nd course:
– Red pepper braised chicken & rice meatballs

3rd course:
– Grouper with potato, corn cream green onion and marinated muscles

4th course:
– Peach and cherry cobbler with vanilla whip