Flavor Excursions #6 Asian night

This 11 course Asian dinner was a smash!


Amuse bouce – Cherry with pickled ginger and mint.
1. Snapper, Snowcrab and Salmon roe roll.
2. Chilled scallop shashimi w green onion, daikon radish, hoisin dressing.
3. Panang curry Chicken  dumplings.
4. Foil roasted Mataki mushroom.
5. Cilantro, radish BBQ ribs.
6.  Asian greens w shitake and Chinese sausage.
7. Seared Rice cakes stuffed with salmon and oyster sauce.
8. Spicy Mung bean n salted shrimp salad w/ marinated tofu.
9. Noodles ( udon, enoki mushroom, seaweed , Shrimp balls).
10. Honey, sesame and ginger glazed Duck in lettuce wrap and soy broth.
11. Forbidden rice, coconut milk, dessert.


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